• The International Association of Procedural Law have organized IAPL World Conference on Civil procedure in Moscow.

      Honorable President of IAPL Marcel Storme: “Moscow Conference is the best conference I have ever attended”

          The idea of the conference was to discuss the evolution of civil procedure in different societies. Not only in the well-known civil or common law systems, but also in different countries of Eurasia, Asia, etc. Civil procedure in Europe and North America is a subject of enormous scientific and practical works. We know a lot about these systems. But we do not know enough about civil procedure in the rest of the world. How does it work and what are the main principles of it? Culture is one of the main factors that make civil procedure of these countries different. Therefore it is necessary to discuss the main links between different systems of civil procedure.

    Speakers reports were published both in English and Russian by Russian Publisher “STATUT”. You can buy reports in Statut web page (Reports in Russian and Reports in English).


             Presentation of the Moscow Conference



       For further information please contact  Prof. Phd. Dmitry Maleshin, IAPL representative in Russia and coordinator of Moscow Conference 2012.

    Detailed information about Conference you can find in the Prof. Dmitriy Maleshin Interview to the Pravo.RU portal (russian).

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